Local driftwood artist, Tanya Bub creates an “Art for Good” exhibit that is equal parts fundraiser, art and entertainment. The show runs May 10-29 at the Gage Gallery, 19 Bastion Square, Victoria.
The idea for the show came from seeing dogs react to her canine themed sculptures. “They know it’s not real and yet some dogs have a very strong reaction to the art”. The surprising and delightful fact that some dogs like looking at art, just like people do, made her want to do something for dogs. “The SPCA is an amazing organization so I decided to donate 25% of my show proceeds to them”.
The show will feature outdoor sculptures of dogs for both dogs and people. People are encouraged to take and share photos of their dogs reacting to the art.  Indoors (people only) there will be a “Dog Park” display made up of 30 or so miniature sculptures depicting people and dogs at play, an “Air Dog” series with life-sized sculptures of dogs in action (catching frisbees, leaning out of car windows, etc.), life-sized driftwood portraits of hard-to-place dogs currently at the SPCA, collage pet portraits, sculptures of wildlife and much more.
Everyone is invited to opening night on May 12 from 5-8pm for complementary appetizers and a glass of beer or wine. There will be a presentation by the SPCA (with two rescue dogs), an “Ask the Vet Anything” with Joanna Piercy and a presentation about a proposed real dog park by the Victoria Downtown Residence Association.
Follow Tanya on Instagram @victoriadrifter.
For more information: Tanya Bub, Artist, Victoria, 250.507.8588, tanyabub@gmail.com.
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